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Your Transformation Journey

How does it work? Gain access to exclusive resources, proven to work


Assess Your Key Priorities

You have an innovative and market disruptive BIZ. Have you figured out how to test your Growth mindset?  

Take the Quiz and challenge

your assumptions. 

Is it free? Yup!


Learn, Level up Your Tool Kit

Have you factored Business AI capabilities? Filter BIZassist database of world class frameworks, models, "how-to"

for Entrepreneurs, that have proven to work.

Grow your business!

Move out of fire-fighting to a structured execution

of your vision.


Implement with Seasoned Assistants

Have a 1-on-1 chat about licensing, markets, growth, funding and everything in between. 

Our high-caliber  professionals workshop through your goals,

your challenges, and guide you based on their established track record. 

Benefit from amazing talent

with 20+year careers

in Investment, Legal,  Tech & more!

Grow Your BIZ for the Price of your Cup of Coffee 

Navigate solutions tailored for Entrepreneurs, Customize with your BIZ assistant


With our tools, guidance, and your unstoppable will, there’s nothing you can’t achieve!

Entrepreneur Solution For the price of a coffee

Bold Businesses Love urBIZassist 

Our approach is about serving clients with dedication and trust, achieving great results

Female Founder- Mentor and Coach

Yasaman Soudegar, PhD
Neurescence CEO & Founder



In the first year of Neurescence, I needed to create a financial forecast. At the time it seemed so hard and very far from Physics, my area of expertise. I told Fadwa I don't think I am cut out to be an entrepreneur. Fadwa's response: I can do it and teach you how to customize. She then asked me lots of questions,  built it, while providing me with the template. She showed me how the model works so I can apply it overtime. She literally taught me Finance basics in weeks! So I learned and continued building Neurescence. The result? We went through a high profile acquisition last year.


urBIZassist is truly about assisting your business! Thank you team!

For entrepreneurs with passion...

urBIZassist Pro-bono 

Are you starting a Business? is your business idea ready? Have you factored AI capabilities in your business? Have an initial 1-on-1 chat about licensing, markets, growth, startup funding and everything in between. Filter BIZassist database of world class frameworks, models, "how-to" for entrepreneurs, to help you focus on what matters. 

We have a particular soft spot for impact-driven ventures, solving social and environmental challenges. If you are in this space check out our Pro-bono offering.

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