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About us

About Us

You are building your business. Awesome!!! We are here to help if you are in the pre-seed stage and believe it cannot all be done alone

From side hustle stack to full time entrepreneurship, we provide solutions to help de-risk your startup and assist in areas of business development & strategy, technology, funding & forecasting/modelling, digital marketing and more. We have one mission: to help You succeed.

Through the BIZassist connected tribe of value driven, bright minds, we link entrepreneurs with our personal, high caliber network. We identify pain points, we get you through the hard times, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you. Filter BIZassist database of 1,000+ templates, frameworks, models, pitch books, "how-to" and more to help you grow and focus on what matters to execute your vision.

We believe in the power of "know-how" to transform lives and positively impact the world around us. We are passionate about paying it forward.

Do it with passion or not at all

Our Mission: Entrepreneur Support

Are you starting a business? From business ideas to funding and everything in between, we are about supporting bold entrepreneurs.

We don't just want to, we believe we have to. We have an unprecedented opportunity in front of us right now, with the democratization of know-how currently knocking on every door. With just an idea and wifi– we can change the world. Not to mention, the kind of connection we can build across the street or across the globe.

It is our obligation to show up and change the statistics for the next generation. So... are you in? It starts with taking a bet on yourself. You have to believe you can!

We have a particular soft spot for impact-driven ventures, solving the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. If you are in this space check out our Pro-bono offering.

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