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Are you feeling overwhelmed with business strategy, financial, marketing, technology and more?

Is it eating up your time, taking away from your vision, passion?

Join the community of people helping people! 

Entrepreneurs Success is Our Success

Helping You Succeed

The Why - BIZassist Motivation


Positive Impact / Meaning

After many years of successful contributions to great organizations, the BIZassist team is here to give

back, guide, mentor and make a positive impact.

We have a genuine interest in helping entrepreneurs succeed, in training, sharing knowledge, and creating value. 

Entrepreneurs may also feel less isolated. 

Build, Grow & Learn

Contributing to growth, building a like-minded tribe, being part of a community where people    help people is fun and rewarding.  Our high-caliber  professionals  workshop   through your goals and challenges and help you based on their own established track record. Knowledge is shared, both failures and successes, and strategies are set up.  


A Platform of Many Voices

We are proud to be a very international community, promoting differences that unite us, and striving to build a platform of many voices, that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives,  and skills.

We help entrepreneurs on the other side of the globe or across the street, no matter their creed, race, or belief system.   


The How - BIZassist Process

Hope on a Call / Get Started

Talk directly to your BIZ assistant and learn immediately from their experience and genuine interest in helping.

Is the first conversation   really free? Yup!

We encourage you to book the first hour.

It is on us!


Assess your Needs 

Surround yourself with people who have done it before you.

Learning from wins and failures can truly change one's trajectory.

We assess your needs, pain points, make a plan and get      to work.

Get feedback, get challenged, learn and grow.


Access Tools / Templates 

No matter how bright and motivated you are, building all areas of a business can eat up into your time and ultimately offering. Find your blindspot, get clarity and push forward to get solutions. Your BIZ assistant will also act as a voice of inspiration & accountability for you to take action. 



Our ProBono Program

Business Meeting

Make a Real Impact. Learn. Grow. Collaborate. Connect. 

At BIZassist, we  are super enthusiastic  about unlocking potential, mentoring and giving the next generation extra horse power.

Get your ideas validated. Challenge your assumptions. Get personalized advice. Get clarity on things you are struggling with.

If you have the capacity to make a positive environmental and societal impact, reach out and find out what it's like to work with us.

Compare Your Alternatives

    Your BIZassist team possess deep experience, advised and led key engagements, tailoring specific solutions, adding value.  

Price & Affordability                                         $$$$                     $$                    $                 

Hands-on Execution Work                                Fee Based            XXXX                      

Know-how & Strategic 1:1 Advice                    Fee Based

Courses & Professional Templates                       XXXX                                                                   $$$$     

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