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Is your Business Positioned in Alignment with Funding Trends?

Updated: May 11

Mena startups raise $254 million in March and $429 million in Q1. The majority of funding went to Entrepreneurs who use software as a service (SaaS) as providers, harvesting $130.6 million in nine deals, outpacing fintech, which saw $40 million over 12 transactions, while four e-commerce startups landed $18 million. Are you positioning you business in alignment with funding trends?

As if this could not get worst then the last few quarters, Well it did. It got so much worst! Female-led stratups formed 0.21% of total transactions. How is it even possible for female entrepreneurs to get such low funding rate? If you don't pitch, you don't get. Are you pitching your business every month, every week?

Part of being an entrepreneur has to do with marketing your firm. Entrepreneurs must build that into their DNA. Getting rejected is also part of the journey. The more you pitch, the more you learn, the more comfortable you get, the greater your chances to get funded.

The LEAP24 tech conference, held in Riyadh last month pushed Saudi startups to the top, securing $198 million. The UAE came in second with $39 million, while Egypt was a distant third raising $7 million. 

VCs have shifted their focus to the B2B sector, which accounted for 74% of overall investment in March. This strategic move reflects an increasing need for enterprise-focused solutions, particularly in the SaaS and logistics sectors.

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