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GENERATIVE AI tools make entrepreneurs learning more efficient

Have you considered increasing your Entrepreneur knowledge exponentially?

GENERATIVE AI tools make entrepreneurs learning more accessible, efficient and affordable. Generative AI is great for structuring and communicating information in easy to understand ways and to provide answers that can be used to generate interactive learning experiences such as chatbots that can bring learning to life.

Various online platforms are adding generative AI functionality in order to create personalized learning experiences and streamline data.

For example, Coursera platform recently introduced a service called Coach, which acts as an AI tutor to provide personalized feedback as well as automated summaries of course materials. It has also launched a plugin for ChatGPT that allows the world’s most popular AI chatbot to be used to browse and choose from its vast range of courses and specializations. It aims to guide towards the most relevant recommendations.

So here’s a look at some of the tools used by learners.

Check out full article below:

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