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From Employee to Entrepreneur | Are You Taking The Leap?

Updated: 7 days ago

Becoming an entrepreneur is not only something cool and hip these days but can be very rewarding. Before starting your own company, you must however realize the massive change in lifestyle and that It can be very demanding, and can take time to take off. But how do you make it a reality?

Embrace Failure and Achieve Success in Your Business Journey!
Aspiring Entrepreneur & Business Ideas

So, you are embarking on this exciting journey of exploring, potentially building your own business. You're ready to follow your passion and earn a living while doing what you love. You are bouncing ideas back and forth regarding the launch of a business. Right now may be a good time for you, maybe not, but you are exploring business ideas. That's fantastic!

If you have these future plans, this article may help you decide if you should move from employee to entrepreneur today, or tomorrow. We will guide you through key considerations.

1- Understand the Scope

Employees are usually trained in few focus areas typically rather then needing to know how to run an entire organization from top to bottom. It can be a challenge to think from the scope of an entire company's lens.

Take your time and do some market research—just because you love something or believe it’s necessary, doesn’t mean your prospective buyers will agree.

2- Understand the Commitment

The suite of documents and elements you need to consider before quitting your job is large. Browse through your business ideas, get your validation on feasibility of same ideas. Select the ones that can survive and let go of the rest. Understand what planning a business is, what markets and competition you will be operating in and how to set up the basics.

3 - Think in terms of your Clients

When you are an employee, you don't have to worry so much about clients and customer growth but you do as an entrepreneur. Acquire the skills you need to sell your products or services and do not assume that everyone will want them. This can take some time and commitment.

Focus your energy on the right audience who needs your product or service is critical and learning target audiences and how to reach them is key.

4 - Embrace Failure

Setbacks may be inevitable when you're building something new. Embracing the various challenges as they come can allows to grow and move toward success. Each challenge tells us that we need to learn and get the answers or find the talent that does.

5 - Use Your Work and Other Networks

Draw your Network and Reach out: You would be surprise how many people you have interacted with over the years. Draw them out! Also, make connections with other entrepreneurs. Attend conferences and circles related to the area of your Business.


6 - Create a Solid Business Plan

Outline Your Goals and Strategies: Use a business plan as your roadmap for your business. Outline your goals, strategies, and budget. Include a marketing plan, financial projections, and a plan for growth.

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