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Come Help With Us

Be a Mentor, Have an impact!

Share your knowledge and experience with entrepreneurs. You can choose a one-to-one or one-to-many set up to mentor or act as a specialist. Have your influence reach wider audiences - international ones! 

Experiece & Specific Mentoring Skill
Degree from Reputable Accredited Universiy
Years of Experience*

*A minimum of 10 years of relevant experience is required to participate in this program

Experince & Specific Specialist Skill
Certificates & Accreditation
Abiliy to mentor in languages

Thanks for submitting!

We link entrepreneurs with smart, innovative and creative problem solvers. After many years of successful contributions to great organizations, you are ready to give back, guide, mentor and make a positive impact. You have a genuine interest in helping entrepreneurs, training and sharing  knowledge. 

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