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Staff shortage? Why Interns Can Add Value?

Updated: May 30

If you have spent time as an entrepreneur, you would know that it is a lot of hard work, small tasks that drive you crazy, huge undertakings that require your full attention, organizing, connecting, building and everything in between. Why hiring an intern can bring you tremendous value?

From Elite employers to entrepreneurs, interns get hired to support various teams, while at the same time providing them with amazing opportunities to learn, grow and be able to include you as a reference in their resume. Hence creating a WIN / WIN situation. As an entrepreneur, your bread and butter is "WIN / WIN Situations"!

Why is it important?

While you might be just starting as an entrepreneur and may not be thinking about getting help, consider the fact that you would be providing a new graduate with an opportunity, while at the same time getting you starting in your managerial journey and developing your team spirit.

One hesitation that is common to many entrepreneurs in the early stages is letting go of the "baby" just created and having others participate in the growth. Wanting to do it ALL Alone comes from the fear of losing control, of things going wrong, and of being unable to trust others to do the job. This thinking can hold us back and limit our potential for growth. Embracing the team spirit can elevate our approach to growth.

Delegating and starting to move from the do-er to the review-er can provide much needed free time in the long term so you can focus on higher value tasks and let go of the administration and day to day of the business.

So how do we go about it. Easy! 1. Put an add 2. Interview 3. Sign an agreement 4. Get them started 5. Congratulations! you are now building your team


An amazing opportunity is hapening for the on-line entrepreneur community. TAP is currently offering a three-month trial to try talent, all while covering their salaries. Get access to skilled professionals in software development, business development, and digital marketing FOR FREE.

This is a "once in a life time" opportunity. Sign up and start getting help!

You can read more and schedule an introduction call here:

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