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90% of Startups Fail, WHY?

Updated: May 10

Here are some practical insights that are so key to navigating the slippery, yet so rewarding, life of entrepreneurship

The Reality We Must All Know 

The majority of startups, some 90% of them, fail within the first few years of business, if not within year 1, and only a small fraction will survive. Knowing this, what can you do differently? Where are you falling short within your strategy, marketing, technology and business model you are building. What are your strengths, your shortcomings and where do you need to go to complement your skillset?

Your Business Model. Is it Sustainable?

A sustainable business model is crucial for long-term success. It involves creating forward-looking projections and stress-testing your business model to understand its vulnerability to shocks. Here's how to enhance your approach:

Building Projections and Testing Resilience

  • Develop Projections: Create detailed forecasts based on market trends and growth opportunities.

  • Understand Base Case Trajectory: Establish a baseline scenario reflecting expected business performance.

  • Conduct Stress Testing: Simulate adverse scenarios to test your business model's resilience.

  • Analyze Results: Understand key metrics from stress tests to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities.

  • Guide Decisions: Use insights to inform resource allocation and strategic planning.

Enhancing Adaptability and Innovation

  • Embrace Flexibility: Be open to pivoting your business model in response to changes.

  • Innovate Within Constraints: Leverage creativity to overcome limitations in resources and funding.

  • Monitor External Factors: Stay informed on macro-economic trends and industry changes.

  • Continuously Improve: Regularly review your model and performance for areas of growth.

By integrating stress testing and adaptability into your strategy, you can prepare your business for challenges and seize new opportunities for sustainable success

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