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Looking to Attract Investments? Do Your Homework!

Updated: May 6

Have you checked out the most recent MENA Funding trends? Do your homework on who is investing in what sector of startups. Before you go knocking on doors, make sure it is the right door to knock on!

Start up Funding

There are many different ways to get funded. Venture capital is one option, and it can be very helpful to have a solid understanding of the process before investment is made. There are several factors that must be considered when looking to engage with VCs, such as the size of the company, the risk appetite of the firm, and the number of investors involved.

 Startups can also get funding through Angel Investors, who may only offer money if they believe that the company will be successful. Angel investors often have a longer term view so they may be suited for companies with potential that my take longer to get to profitability.

urBIZassist Founder Round table provided amazing Q1-2024 data point on GCC Startup Funding Scene. Summary below:

 📌 Saudi Arabia investors led the pack with close to 80% of startup investments, putting them at #1 ranking by capital deployed in MENA.

 📌 Top investments by Sector went to SaaS Platforms with $130 million of startup investments | representing more than 50% of total.

 📌 Female founders continue to be the big marginal. At march 31, 2024, startup funds going to female founders was less then 1% of total funding. How horrific!

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