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Ladies, are you well prepared and ready to pitch?

The percentage of venture capital funding that went to female-led start-ups in the U.S. fell from 2.4% in 2021 to 1.9% last year. It then rose to 17% if at least one man was included. There is so much work to be done!!!

A great FT articles that shows how female founders’ share of funds remains pathetically low. Why would that be the case? “There is still a big issue of unconscious bias against women founders”. “Investors tend to be more likely to interrogate a female founder’s business projections and ask questions around downside risk”.

Are we aware of our own bias? Being aware is the first step to reducing instances of judgement resulting from our own social construct. The second step is to be well prepared and know that the scrutiny will be bigger.

Find full article below:

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