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Dubai Holding is Now Welcoming Applications from International Entrepreneurs & Scale-up Companies with MVP

Updated: Feb 11

, actively engaged in addressing sustainability challenges. Eligibility Criteria and link to apply below:

​Dubai Holding’s 'Innovate for Tomorrow' is a global innovation challenge aimed at addressing critical sustainability challenges in the UAE, with a particular emphasis on fostering responsible consumption and production practices in alignment with UN Sustainable Development Goal (“SDG”) 12. Spearheaded by Dubai Holding, the challenge will be implemented in collaboration with TECOM Group’s in5 business incubator.


Applicant Status: ​

The applicant is required to be registered in the UAE or in any other country operating as a company, non-profit organisation, or social enterprise.

The applicant should represent a scale-up company with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ready to enter the market or a scale-up company already operating locally in the UAE or globally in any other country.​

The applicant’s company must have the operational capability to execute a pilot programme with Dubai Holding in the UAE.

The applicant’s company should strongly promote diversity and inclusion as part of the values of the company.​

The applicant must hold a leadership position within the company, serving as either the founder, co-founder, or a senior executive.

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