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Being an Entrepreneur is simply amazing! but why do startup fail despite the great MENA opportunities?

Is it the capacity to exploit opportunities fully? is it the difficulty in accessing adequate capital?

While financing challenges exist in the MENA region for business startups, new businesses struggle from a lack of know-how and business acumen. This in turn provides the opportunity to understand the reasons behind the successes and failures of business starters. Financing challenges are magnified with business starters as they face having to learn and implement various areas of a business including marketing, legal, strategic, technology dimension they may not be prepared for. Three objectives you must have as you set for the entrepreneur journey:

  1. Take the time to assess your new business feasibility. An idea only is not enough!

  2. Get the knowledge, experience and know how and, or surround yourself with people who have done it before you.

  3. Your business must be profitable if you are seeking investor input. You need to demonstrate how, the type of return an investor shall expect. Perform scenario analysis to make your case.

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