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Are you starting a Business? is your business idea ready? Join our CEO Round Table & Networking Event

CEO ROUND TABLE & SPEED NETWORKING. This One is for You. Ask Away while you Meet Other Entrepreneurs in a Similar Spot!

March Round Table: We have had an overwhelming response since putting our Pro-bono Program on Wait List. We continue to be super excited to support Impact Driven Entrepreneurs, this time in a group setting.

Have you factored in AI capabilities in your business? Have an initial 1-on-1 chat about licensing, markets, growth, startup funding and everything in between. Filter BIZassist database of world class frameworks, models, "how-to" for entrepreneurs, to help you focus on what matters. 

Mark your calendars

When: 28 March 2024 1:00pm Dubai Time, UTC+04:00

What: Ask Away & Meet Others

How: Online - Follow Registration Process

Pop over, learn a thing or two and get to meet other venture builders. Don't reinvent the wheel! Others have gone through what you might be experiencing now. 


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