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Free Investor Readiness Webinar

Unlock Business Secrets from our High Caliber BIZ Assistants, with 20+ year  career in Investment, Legal, Tech & more


Join our Founder Round Table & Speed Networking Session on May 23, 2024 1:00pm Dubai Time UTC+04:00

You Will Learn About

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For entrepreneurs with innovative and market disruptive ideas that seek investment, do you have the basics in place?  Have you figured out how to present your BIZ?

What pressures are investors under to make a hefty return and what constraints do they have to achieve their targets. Get a view from the inside. Understand Risk.

What gets funded and more importantly what DOES NOT. Understand MENA funding trends, the type of transaction that get funded, the sectors, geographies and more.

03. Getting the Pitch Right

02. Investor Risk Appetite

01. What Gets Funded

April Founder Round Table: MENA FUNDING TRENDS

Connect with Other Venture Builders 

Pop over, learn a thing or two and get to meet other venture builders. Don't re-invent the wheel. Others have gone through what you might be experiencing right now. Connect, learn, grow!

01. Share Allocation

A Company may issue shares of different classes and may transfer shares by instrument transfer. But how does it all work? 

02. Capitalization Table

Based on the allocation of share, who owns your equity today, in the future. What does it mean to "Vest" and why is there a vesting period?

03. Sweat Equity

One thing entrepreneurs realize very quickly is that they cannot do it ALL alone and that getting talent is key. How does Sweat Equity work?

Entrepreneur Competition

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